Bluesmart School

Bluesmart School

Admin Module

Manage every part of your school class rooms, subjects, divisions, sections, houses, clusters and users. Laravel web framework is the foundation of the Bluesmart school system platform. The platform supports the plug-able architecture that will make Bluesmart school system most versatile and any plug-in can be attached or detach at any given time without any cost. More than 7 users roles with various access level ensure the system security and the robustness. Various fail safe mechanism have been implemented to facilitate smooth flow of information.

Discipline Module

The intended purpose of the module is to track each student code of behavior. The module will based on the best practice. In nutshell each year each student entitle some amount of points regarding their behavior. This point accrued each month throughout the year. If a student break the rule, the student point will be deducted. The point deduction is governed by the line of authorities from class room teacher to principal. And the authority will decide how much point will be reduce from the student. End of each month the final points will be display on class room notice board.

Co-curricular Module

The co-curricula is the one of the function in a school which is second to academic teaching. The module helps to keep track of sports and society activities inside the school. Find out next society meeting or when is the all island Volley ball championship is very important to management as well as students. Maintain all the selection criteria for athletics and the board society members. Log all the activity history at one place. Manage student achievements

HR Module

Student and teacher managements are the critical part of the every school management system. Bluesmart is bring you the most advanced and the state of the art solution to manage your most precious assets. Get information about student or a teacher with a few button clicks. A quick and easy way to search and access all your human capital records, both current and archive using various filters.

The student and teacher profiles are the best way to manege the students and teachers inside profile management can get all the information they want

Class Room (mobile application)

Android powered class room management application runs on any device. Easily track teachers and students attendance. Precise time calculation for period. Track subject teaching progression. Build-in emergency switch to report any emergency situations to the management. Real time student feedback of the teacher performance.

Finance Module

Standard school accounting system for payment collection and produce receipts via cashier point. Track all the inventory items. Help school procurement. Show income and expense at any given time. The module provides fast and efficient way to register all the financial transactions and generate management reports the will help you gain financial insight of the entire school.

Education Module

From simple assessment to GCE A/L examinations subject marks in one place. Link with student profile. Term tests progress report generation with supportive feedback and charts to figure out what went wrong. Examination marks analysis, filter out batch tops, find out who perform well and who's not. Very powerfull report generation with more than 500 combinations and fillers give you the exact and accurate data any time any where.

Timetable Module

Automated timetable generation within a minute. The best utilization and optimization of teachers in your school. Can generate individual timetables for teachers and class rooms. Proprietary timetable generator algorithm with unlimited custom rules.

Communication (Document manager) Module

The document manager module is the most wanted module of the entire system because of the today's demand of the information. The module will scan all the document and diseminate throughout the school. The module will make sure correct person gets the correct information at right time. No afraid loosing any documents.

Bluesmart School

System Features


Easy to use

Modern the state of the art material design with top and side bar navigation. Access any area of the application with couple of mouse clicks. Concise work flow to follow. No jargon, school friendly vocabulary. No need to go back and forth, all the related information at the one place. Need be to be a tech savvy or nerd to use the system. User friendly intuitive interfaces.

Mobile friendly

Mobile first design make the application device independent. Log in to the application from any device and get the information. Do not delay any decision because of device. Application is responsive to any device screen size from mobile phone to smart board.

Best practices

Based on the industry best practices, more than 3 years research and development. Compatible with any educational system local or international. First in Sri Lanka the application comes with manual proven process and procedures. We are not only giving you a software. We will provide you the best process and procedures to run the software.

Information at a glance

Dashboard with decision making information. More statistics information at the log in. Student information, teacher information, parents information, exam results, marks analysis, attendance data, school basic information, user information and etc. Data can be fed to system using conventional forms or buld upload with csv file. Export to csv, pdf or print.


The application is developed on top of micro kernel architect that means adding/ removing application module super easy. If you don't need finance module just remove, that's it so quick. There are 9+ modules to be chosen. Each adding specific power to the application.

Support services

24x7 professional support service by visiting, over the phone or email.

Access anywhere anytime

Cloud hosted or self hosted, the web based application can be access from anywhere at anytime. No need to installed. All the modules are pre-installed with base application. No need to be office to make any decision.

Class room management

(1st time in the world)
Say good bye to old methods, Bluesmart introduced more effective and efficiency class room management system using smart device called “classroom display unit”. Student attendance marking, teachers' period attendance, length of period actually productive and proprietary student feedback function.


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